Published on July 26, 2017

After High Risk Pregnancy, Davenport Couple Welcomes Healthy Baby Boy

Megan and Ben Hansen welcome their son, Liam, at the Genesis BirthCenter after battling gestational diabetes and preeclampsia

Baby Liam shortly after his deliveryFacing gestational diabetes and preeclampsia, Megan and Ben Hansen were anxious to meet their son, Liam. That date would come unexpectedly soon when Megan went into labor nearly five weeks early on June 4. But with the help of The Group and the Genesis BirthCenter, their son was delivered the next day at a healthy 7 lbs.

“Even though my pregnancy was very stressful, his delivery was so calm,” Megan said. “There were no screaming or loud noises. It was honestly easier than pregnancy.”

A Mixed Bag

When the high school sweethearts discovered they were pregnant, both were ecstatic. But that joy would soon be paired with anxiety when Megan learned from the providers at The Group that she had gestational diabetes.

Gestational diabetes affects about 18 percent of pregnancies. It also increases the chance of developing preeclampsia, a complication during pregnancy characterized by high blood pressure and swelling of the hands and feet.

“I eventually met with a dietitian and an endocrinologist,” Megan said. “I found out I’d have to give myself insulin shots every day. I got a glucose meter so I could test myself throughout the day.”

And while Megan dealt with a changing body and her recent diagnosis, Ben did his best to support her at every turn. “I just knew I had to listen to her,” he said. “I knew talking about it would help to deal with it.”

“I felt so embarrassed,” Megan recalled. “I was upset with myself. But I believed that if I watched my blood sugar and listened to my doctors, everything would be alright.”

Sooner Before Later

Ben and Megan post with their son, Liam. Because of her gestational diabetes and the possibility of developing preeclampsia, the Hansen’s were told Megan may have to be induced up to two weeks before the July 7 due date.

But nature would beat them to the punch. On June 4 while at a baseball game, Megan’s water broke. “I stood up during the National Anthem and I immediately said to myself, ‘either I’m really sweaty or my water just broke.’”

The couple raced home to quickly pack some bags and head the hospital.

“We didn’t have anything ready since we thought we’d have more time,” Megan said.

Ben agreed. “We were 100 percent not prepared.”

The parents-to-be were quickly admitted and taken up to the 5th floor BirthCenter at Genesis Medical Center, East Rusholme Street. After a few hours of mild contractions, Megan found out she was dilated to 3 centimeters. She was also placed on IV magnesium sulfate to help treat her preeclampsia.

Now in a delivery room, Megan and Ben were greeted by Dr. Rita Aronson of The Group. “Dr. Aronson was amazing,” Ben said. “She did a really great job at coaching us while everything was happening.”

By 10 a.m. the next day, Megan’s contractions were only a few minutes apart. And once her body knew she was ready to push, it wasn’t long before labor and delivery were over.

Two hours later, with the help of Dr. Aronson and the BirthCenter team of nurses, baby Liam made his arrival at 11:59 a.m. on Monday, June 5.

Our Little Miracle

Liam was born at a healthy 7 pounds despite his early deliveryWeighing 7 pounds and measuring 19.5 inches long, Liam was perfectly healthy except for a little jaundice which quickly cleared.

As for the nurses that helped Liam come into the world, the Hansen’s were beyond grateful.

“All of the nurses were great. But Debbie was amazing,” Megan said. “When I found out Liam had jaundice, I couldn’t stop crying and Debbie was there to comfort me. She really made a difference.”

But it wasn’t just the nurses; every member of the BirthCenter team made a difference. “Max the phlebotomist was great. He was so gentle with Liam that he didn’t even cry,” Ben said.

Most of all, the newly anointed parents are just happy their son is healthy.

“After everything, he makes it worth it,” Megan said. “He’s our little miracle.”

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