Published on March 27, 2018

Sweet Suites at Silvis BirthCenter

Rachel Varnold of Galesburg, Ill., encourages her pregnant friends to choose the Genesis BirthCenter in Silvis to deliver their babies.

Why? First, she was pleasantly surprised by the spacious birthing suite with a whirlpool tub when she was admitted to the Silvis BirthCenter. Second, moms stay in the same suite as they labor, deliver their baby, recover, and receive their postpartum care. That “single-suite” experience is called the LDRP option. The Silvis BirthCenter was the first in Illinois and remains the only birth center in the region to exclusively offer all LDRP suites.Rachel Varnold of Galesburg, IL recently delivered at the Silvis BirthCenter

The suite was very nice and very large,” Varnold says. “I thought it was wonderful I got to stay in the same room – from when I was induced, to when my Isabella was born, and throughout my entire stay in the hospital. My husband, Mark, slept on a pull-out couch that turned into abed.

“We appreciated not having to go through the hassle of moving to a different room after Isabella’s birth.”

The family’s experience, however, was made all the better by the quality care. Recently, the Silvis BirthCenter earned a Quality Award from the Illinois Perinatal Quality Collaborative, and the hospital has been honored with several national distinctions for quality.

“The nurses were wonderful,” says Varnold, a LPN at Genesis Health Group, Aledo. “I had the same nurses pretty much the whole time I was in labor. Having an epidural wasn’t part of my birth plan. When I was on the fence about it during labor, one of the nurses helped ease my doubts by telling me about her own epidural experience. I ended up having the epidural, and I was glad I did.”

She decided to deliver at the Silvis BirthCenter because she is a patient of Iurie Caraman, MD, of Genesis Health Group, Silvis OB/GYN. He, along with Brian Kilonzo, MD, has an office located in the Larson Center of GMC-Silvis, which is just a skywalk way from the BirthCenter.

Isabella Varnold“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Caraman for several years, including for infertility treatment, and it was important for me to stay with him as my OB/GYN for the baby’s delivery,” she says.

“I definitely plan to go back to the Silvis BirthCenter for my next baby. The staff was very kind and wonderful.”