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At Genesis Medical Center, we know the support of caring professionals helps cancer patients and their families find an extra measure of strength to face the challenges cancer brings. That's why support is a vital part of our cancer care.

Breast and Cervical Cancer Programs

Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Programs

These programs help women receive the screening and diagnostic services needed to detect early signs of breast and cervical cancer. Find out if you qualify.

Learn more about these programs and information provided through the Genesis Cancer Care Institute:

Educational programs, information resources, counseling and a host of other services and amenities help cancer patients and their loved ones learn to adapt to the changes in their lives.

Social Services (Counseling Services)

The diagnosis and treatment of cancer causes major life changes. These changes are never easy, but support from family and friends, as well as your health care team, helps to relieve both emotional and physical stress.

Social Services is an intricate member of this health care team offering assistance in the following ways:

  • Social Workers on staff are available to speak with you and your family throughout your treatment process;
  • Offering emotional support and assistance in coping with treatment;
  • Guiding you to available cancer support and education groups;
  • Helping you understand and talk with your numerous doctors, nurses and health care providers;
  • Assisting with insurance and other financial issues.

Wigs and Other Head Coverings

The Genesis Cancer Care Institute in partnership with the American Cancer Society accept donations of wigs and other head coverings that are new or gently used. Wigs are on display in the Resource Center and are available for women at no cost. All donated head coverings/scarves are displayed throughout the Cancer Center and are available on a first come, first served basis. We are very grateful for the many generous donations that we receive. For information about this service call 563-421-1900.

We work in partnership with Strands of Strength to provide one free wig or head covering.

Music for Care and Healing

The healing effects of music are available throughout our Cancer Program. The Inpatient Oncology Unit has a large selection of tapes and CD's with players to use in patient rooms.

Hospice care emphasizes the quality, not the quantity of life remaining by focusing on the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual comfort needs of both the individual and his or her family. The goal of Hospice is to focus on the care, comfort, and quality-of-life of the patient. In-home hospice services are provided in both Iowa and Illinois. For more information on Hospice care, contact Hospice Care of VNA at 563-421-5400 or visit the National Hospice Organization.

Spiritual Care Support

Staff chaplains of the Genesis Spiritual Care Department are available to personally minister to patients, families and friends. Hospital chaplains are trained and experienced in the health care field, and serve persons of all denominations and faiths. Chaplains are available to listen, help you deal with fears, frustrations, questions and tough decisions. They can help by praying with you or responding to sacramental needs appropriate to your faith. They can be present with you in a crisis and can be of assistance in completing Advanced Directives. Chaplains visit the Cancer Care Institute to talk with patients and family members. The Spiritual Care Department is open during the week and at other times by a contact through your nurse. Call 563-421-7970.

Genesis Cancer Resource Center

The Genesis Cancer Resource Center has the tools to help. Available for patients and patient families, the center includes wigs, head coverings, head covering, and informative catalogs. Comfortable seating is available to read journals or brochures in the Center.

Brochures may be taken free of charge. Looking for information, but not sure what or where to go? Contact us for assistance with information searches or general questions at 563-421-1900.

As a community service, the materials and services of the Cancer Resource Center are available to everyone, not just our patients. Visit us on the West Campus of Genesis Medical Center located on the corner of Marquette and Central Park in Davenport, Iowa. Ample parking is available by the North Entrance. The Cancer Resource Center is located just off the atrium.

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