Breast Cancer Treatment Options

At Genesis, we've invested in the latest technology in the fight against breast cancer. Each diagnosis is unique, so we will find the treatment option that fits you as an individual.

Breast and Cervical Cancer Programs

Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Programs

These programs help women receive the screening and diagnostic services needed to detect early signs of breast and cervical cancer. Find out if you qualify.

Radiation Treatment

Radiation Oncology is a highly targeted way to destroy cancer cells in the breast that potentially remain even after surgery. Radiation can reduce the risk of breast cancer recurrence by about 70%.

Genesis is one of very few hospitals nationwide and the first in Iowa to offer the Varian Trilogy system, a versatile, image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) system. Trilogy offers the highest dose rate in a shorter session, the ability to target small lesions, imaging to position patients quickly and accurately, and CT to fine-tune patient setups with ultra-precision.


While radiation treatment is typically isolated to one treatment area, chemotherapy is used to get rid of any cancer cells that may have spread from the original cancer area to other parts of the body. Specifically for breast cancer, chemotherapy is sometimes used to guard against re-occurrence.


You and your doctor will determine the type of surgery that’s appropriate for you based on many factors. Usually the first treatment used in a breast cancer diagnosis, surgery is often recommended to remove the cancer cells as quickly as possible.

  • Lumpectomy is the removal of only the tumor and a small amount of surrounding tissue.
  • Mastectomy is the removal of all of the breast tissue.
  • Lymph node removal is also sometimes performed during lumpectomy or mastectomy if the cancer has spread beyond the breast tissue itself.

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QC Breast Cancer Support Group

If you have breast cancer, have been recently diagnosed, or are a survivor, join the QC Breast Cancer Support Group. Completely free to attend, sharing your story with others that understand your experience can truly help to keep you strong, motivated and connected.

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The need for no-cost screening, diagnostic testing, and breast cancer education is increasing as community resources are becoming more limited. Your gift will help individuals identify breast cancer early, access state of the art care, and provide support, healing, and the education they need on their journey.

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