Emergency Services & Trauma Center

Disaster can happen in a heartbeat and Genesis is here to provide you with rapid and comprehensive emergency care. Call 911 if you are experiencing chest pain.

When trauma occurs, every second counts.

The medical centers are designed to handle serious illnesses and injuries including:

  • Significant or worsening breathing trouble
  • Probable broken bone
  • Deep cut requiring multiple sutures
  • Symptoms of heart attack including chest pain, pain in jaw or arm or sudden weakness, dizziness or sweating
  • Signs of stroke such as sudden numbness, slurred speech, severe headache or weakness of one side of body or face
  • Sudden onset of confusion or disorientation

Quick access to advanced medical care can be the difference between improved quality of life or even life itself.

Have a minor illness, cut or sprain?

Convenient Care Clinics are a better option for urgent care needs like a cough/flu, sore throat, earache or minor cut. View wait times.

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Emergency Rooms

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