Diabetes Management

Food PyramidGood management of diabetes includes:

The bonus of good management is having more energy, feeling good, and reducing complications associated with diabetes. Good management should not only focus on physical health but your emotional well being. Getting physical activity and having a support mechanism can help in reducing your stress.

Have regular check-ups and use your appointment time wisely
  • See your doctor for your diabetes regularly.
  • See a certified diabetes educator.
  • Have the doctor check your blood pressure and do foot exams on each visit.
  • Be ready, have your shoes and socks off and ask for the foot exam.
  • Bring your list of medications you are taking.
  • Bring your record keeping log of your blood sugars.
  • Have a written list of your questions.
  • Ask to receive a copy of your lab work and have it reviewed (A1C, lipids, and microalbumin)
  • Have an annual eye and dental exam

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that I have diabetes are all carbs bad?
Diabetes Support Group

Diabetes Support Group

Having a group of people who understand your struggle is key to living positively with diabetes. With locations in both Iowa and Illinois, Diabetes Support Group can help.

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No, carbohydrates are not bad for you but having too much or too little can effect your blood sugars. Your brain needs a constant supply of glucose. There are some very nutrient dense carbs that are good for you in the right amounts such as whole grain breads and cereals, fruits, starchy vegetables, and milk. In fact people with diabetes can include foods with sugar now and count the carbohydrates as research indicates the body sees a carb as a carb. It is either a nutritious carb or a non-nutritious carb. The hard part is working in concentrated sweets like a 2 inch frosted cake or brownie are equal to 2 carb choices or 30 grams. Sadly, many would like to eat a half a dozen brownies at a time which would equal 180 grams of carbohydrate!

I've heard it is a good idea to be a "little sweet" or keep a higher blood sugar - is that true?

Research has shown that it is best for people to be well controlled. That level should be defined by your doctor. Those people who have had a lot of hypoglycemia episodes, or who have hypoglycemia unawareness, or kids that are very physically active might be given slightly higher guidelines. Check with your doctor.

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