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Keeping track of your glucose or blood sugar numbers is important. This can be done by using a glucose meter device such as:

New technology has created glucose testing that is much more comfortable than the old days. It is nice to hear our clients say, "That didn't hurt." Testing is now more comfortable with new lancet devices. Most meters require only a very small droplet of blood. It can be read in just a few seconds.

Record your blood sugars in a log book that keeps track of the date and time.

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) has the following recommendations for blood sugars. It is important to check with your doctor what your glucose level should be and record it.

Blood Glucose

ADA Targets

Goals From Your Doctor

A1C/eAG Less than 7.0% or Less than 154 mg/dL  
Pre-meal blood glucose 90-130 mg/dL  
Post-meal blood glucose Less than 180 mg/dL  

 Source: American Diabetes Association ADA Targets for 2010

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