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Prostate Brachytherapy

The Prostate Brachytherapy placement procedure occurs in the operating room under sterile conditions and general anesthesia.  The same equipment that was used to do the Prostate Volumetric study will be used to guide the placement of the radioactive material. 

Your doctor will prescribe the preparation he feels is necessary for this procedure.  The main requirement is that the rectum be empty, so an enema is taken at home just before you come to the hospital or just after you arrive for your procedure.  You must remain very still for this procedure, so you will receive general anesthesia.  In planning for the anesthesia the doctor will require you to have no intake by mouth for six to twelve hours prior to the test.

A physician who has special training in ultrasound-guided procedures performs the placement.  He will have an assistant who also has special training for this procedure.  Your doctor and the physiologist will collaborate on the placement of the implants throughout the procedure. 

You will wake up in the recovery room and then continue to recover in the outpatient department for about an hour before going home.  You should plan to just rest and relax after sedation.  You will probably be sore for a few days.  You may not operate a car or other dangerous equipment that day.  You should not sign any legal documents that day after your anesthesia.  You may slowly advance to your normal diet as you feel like it.  You may resume normal activities the next day.