The Clarissa C. Cook Hospice House

Clarissa C. Cook Hospice House

The Clarissa C. Cook Hospice House is designed to provide an elegant, comfortable, home-like atmosphere for the care of Hospice patients.

The hospice house is also an option for those who might otherwise need to be hospitalized to manage their symptoms, who prefer care at the House instead of in their own home, or as part of the respite benefit.

Updated Visitor Guidelines

Effective 5/24/2021

  • No restrictions on visitors allowed in patient rooms
  • All visitors will be screened on arrival Use of public areas (chapel, family rooms, and dining room) is now permitted
  • Please limit the number of people in the public areas to four at a time
  • Visitors must mask in patient rooms when staff is present
  • Masks are to be worn in all public areas and the hallways
  • Please refrain from wandering in hallways

Admission to the Hospice House

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All patients must be eligible for the Hospice Benefit to be admitted to Clarissa C. Cook Hospice House. Medical eligibility is determined by the patient’s physician and the Hospice Interdisciplinary Team.

Generally, a Genesis Hospice Admission Nurse will evaluate the patient’s individual needs and situation to help determine which services provided by Genesis Hospice are necessary in the best interest of the patient and family.


There are three "levels of care" provided at the Hospice House with varying degrees of insurance coverage. While most costs are paid for by Medicare, Medicaid and other providers, there may be a Room and Board cost that is the responsibility of the patient and family. Benefit coverage is reviewed with the patient and family upon consideration for admission into the Hospice Program and the Hospice House. Financial counseling is available for insurance questions and concerns.

"Anatomy" of the House

Life at the Hospice House

Life at the Hospice House

We stride to make sure our patients are as comfortably as possible each and every day.

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With more than 24,000 square feet, the Hospice House offers many physical amenities in addition to the specialized care that is provided:

  • 16 spacious private patient rooms with accommodations for the patient and family, TV with DVD/VCR/CD, private bath, individual patio.
  • 2 "Spas" featuring a specialized spa tub, shower and shampoo bowl/chair.
  • Meditation Room/Chapel
  • 3 family rooms
  • Gathering area
  • Showers for families
  • Laundry facilities for families and patient’s private laundry.
  • Children's room featuring activities for kids of all ages.
  • Dining room
  • "Pet Park" to curb dogs and cats who are visiting.
  • 2 water features, bird feeders and attractive landscaping features.

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Looking for ways to help others, or possibly yourself, overcome grief? Genesis Hospice provides an online resource called the Griefwords Online Library designed to help. The library provides practical suggestions on how to care and support the grieving.

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Dealing With Grief

Grief Support Resources

No matter your stage of life dealing with grief is difficult. For questions or help coping with grief, Genesis recommends consulting the CaringInfo Coping with Grief and Loss webpage.

This page, hosted by the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, provides up-to date and helpful resources designed to help handle grief and loss.