Insomnia Program

The Genesis Insomnia Program spans a six week period. During the first two weeks the you are instructed to fill out nightly sleep diaries. This establishes a baseline of your sleep patterns over a two-week period and highlights problems that may be inhibiting your sleep.

The following four weeks involve a weekly one-hour session at the Sleep Disorders Center. At these sessions, the sleep diaries are reviewed, sleep hygiene is discussed and better sleep is promoted.

You will also receive an "insomnia packet" which will include the information that is needed for the program.

The Insomnia Packet will be reviewed with you and includes:

  • Sleep hygiene tips
  • Control stimulus information
  • Pre-bed routine
  • More sleep diaries to keep throughout the program
  • Stress and its effect on the body
  • Biofeedback exercises

Biofeedback exercises are incorporated into the Insomnia Program to teach and promote deep relaxation. It is essential that these exercises be practiced daily to gain the competence needed to achieve positive results.

Some insurance companies do not cover this program. Please contact your representative to determine your individual coverage.

As a patient in the Insomnia Program you should be aware that your sleep may actually get worse during the first week. However, as you progress through the program, you will see a definite improvement.

For more information contact the Genesis Sleep Clinic at 563-421-1523

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