What's your winning moment?

When life is tough, the winning moments make it worthwhile. Whether it's returning to the field or holding your grandchild for the first time, we're "in this together" to get you back to your winning moment.

Pain, discomfort, and injury shouldn't keep you from experiencing life. Our team is ready to partner with you on the sidelines, at a clinic, or in the operating room by offering comprehensive, personalized care for the entire family.

Live your winning moment with the help of:

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Sports Medicine: Prevent Injury. Recover Faster. Perform Your Best

Physical Therapy

The Medicine Is Movement

At Genesis Physical Therapy, you are seen by a qualified, experienced therapist who has just one goal in mind: to get you feeling better.

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Sports Medicine: Prevent Injury. Recover Faster. Perform Your Best

Sports Medicine

Prevent Injury. Recover Faster.
Perform Your Best.

As an athlete, you know performance is everything. Over the years you've trained yourself to push the limits--to always aim for better. But sometimes, you need help. That's where we come in.

Genesis Orthopedic Hospital


Excellence in Total Joint Replacement Surgery

We're focused on giving you the best joint replacement surgery experience with the Quad Cities' only dedicated Orthopedic Hospital.