Managing a concussion can be tricky. We provide information for athletes, parents, and coaches on concussions to help them recognize the injury and respond appropriately. Following a concussion, guidance is provided to make necessary modifications to daily routines such as school, work and activities to ensure they receive adequate rest.

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It’s hard to hold athletes back. They want to return to play as quickly as possible. However, it’s important to make sure it’s done safely. Most athletes who experience an initial concussion can recover completely, as long as they are not returned to exertion or contact play too soon. An athlete whose injury is not managed properly and returns to play before the brain has had time to heal is at great risk for further, more serious injury. This medically based program provides parents, coaches, physicians, school administrators and athletic departments the right plan and more confidence that the correct return-to-play or classroom decisions are made.

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Call our Silvis location at 309-281-4740, or Davenport location at 563-421-4540. Also, view the Genesis Concussion Management brochure and a document with further information about concussions.

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