Lymphedema Management

Lymphedema Management at Genesis Physical Therapy

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Those with lymphedema know how frustrating it can be. The abnormal accumulation of fluids cause swelling and discomfort, most commonly in a person's arms, legs, breast, chest, head, neck, or genitals. 

How can we help?

Genesis Physical Therapy offers a comprehensive treatment program to help those with lymphedema experience relief of their symptoms. That program often consists of the following:

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

A massage technique designed to improveprotein reabsorption and stimulate the lymph system.

Compression Bandaging/Garments

Foam and non-elastic bandaging and garments applied after the MLD to assist in maintaining the reduction in limb size. Fitting for compression sleeve or stocking.

Education and Skin Care

It is very important to learn precautions for activity and skin care of the affected arm or leg to prevent worsening of condition or infection resulting in hospitalization.


Muscle action can affect a change on the limb. Learning how much and when is essential to self-management.

Vasopneumatic Pumping

A technique that may be indicated is a machine for clinic and possibly home use that gently applies pressure to your extremity in a sequential method to pump the fluid from the extremities prior to wrapping.