Pain Management with PNE

Pain Neuroscience Education

Pain is Normal. Living in Pain Is Not.

Chronic pain is commonly due to an extra-sensitive nervous system and how the brain processes information from the nerves. Understanding more about the neuroscience of pain has been shown to allow patients to hurt less, be more active, and regain control of their lives.

Why the Nervous System Matters

The nervous system acts as your body's alarm. When your nervous system is extra sensitive, that means your body's alarm goes off to during daily activities like gardening, vacuuming, and working, causing you to experience pain.

Who We Can Help

If you are currently experiencing pain that prevents you from performing daily activities, pain that is spreading to different areas of the body, or pain that has lasted longer than three months, a Genesis physical therapist may be able to help. This is applicable to any area of the body.

What Is PNE?

Pain Neuroscience Education teaches patients the science of pain in approachable language with metaphors, examples, and images

When you understand more about how pain works, it is not as scary. This reduces the threat perceived by the brain which in turn decreases the sensitivity of the nervous system.

Now, with a less sensitive nervous system, patients are able to perform tasks that they could not before.

PNE works best when combined with aerobic activity, manual therapy, exercises, and pain reducing treatments. Your physical therapist will provide a treatment plan that is specific to you.

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