Physical Therapy for Men's Health

Physical Therapy for Men's Health

Highly-trained, caring therapists and evidence-based treatment in a friendly, welcoming environment meeting the needs of men in the surrounding community.

The medical needs of every men are unique, and so is the treatment of those needs. Let Genesis Physical Therapy help to address and resolve your needs in a caring, friendly, and attentive environment.

Genesis has the area's best and most experienced therapists, meaning you'll get back to living your life sooner.

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy May Benefit You If...

  • Are scheduled to have prostate surgery
  • Recently had your prostate removed
  • Leak urine when you cough, laugh or lift
  • Urinate more than every two hours in the daytime
  • Have trouble making it to the toilet on time when you have an urge to go
  • Urinate more than once after going to bed
  • Have “triggers” that make you feel like you can’t wait to go to the toilet (i.e. running water, key in the door)
  • Strain to empty your bowels
  • Experience pelvic pain or pain with intercourse
  • Experience erectile dysfunction

Services for Men's Health

Having your prostate removed can be a risk factor for urine leakage and sexual dysfunction. In addition, radiation for prostate cancer can contribute to weakness in the pelvic floor muscles.

Our pelvic floor physical therapists play an important role in the rehabilitation of men following treatment for prostate cancer by teaching and implementing exercises and techniques that strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Stronger pelvic floor muscles help alleviate symptoms of urinary incontinence and maintain normal pelvic floor muscle function.

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