Training to Run

Training to Run with Genesis Physical Therapy

Improve stamina and agility while reducing injury risk with the help of trained movement specialists

Those that run for sport know that there are often aches and pains that come with running.  These can present significant road blocks in a runner’s training program and can also cause speed and endurance to decline.  The Genesis Training to Run program is designed to help runners of all skill level achieve their individual running goals through an analysis and modification of running mechanics.  This is designed to optimize running efficiency and ultimately improve speed and stamina while reducing the risk of injury.

Personalized action plan to improve performance

We realize that every runner is different. Your unique stride and abilities impact how movement specialists will train you. Through the use of video analysis and running-specific exercises, we aim to accomplish the following:

  • Alter running mechanics to improve efficiency and reduce injury risk
  • Increase speed without additional energy expenditure 
  • Establish a dynamic pre-run warm-up

How it works

Training to Run consists of three 90-minute sessions over three weeks. Some specifics that sessions will focus on include improving arm position and efficiency, optimizing your trunk movement, and engaging your core appropriately. Each session will build on the previous content, ultimately helping the runner establish a more efficient stride and improved mechanics.

The cost of the program is $120, which includes all three sessions. You must be 10 years or older to participate. Training to Run can benefit both beginning and experienced runners.

Each movement specialist is a regular runner with specialized training in treatment of the running athlete.

Want to learn more?

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