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Palliative Care

Palliative Care

Palliative care (pronounced pal-lee-uh-tiv) is the focus on improving quality of life with specialized medical care for people facing serious illness, or after a life changing injury. Palliative care helps with pain, nausea, shortness of breath, fatigue and emotional stress of serious illness —whatever the cause.

Care is given along with other treatments such as intensive care, cardiac or cancer care.  Palliative Care serves as an extra layer of support to the patient and family.

Who do we see?

Our Palliative care team gives personalized care and support for many different medical challenges:

  • Heart disease
  • Lung disease
  • Cancer
  • Strokes
  • Dementia
  • Kidney disease
  • Infants and children living with complex medical problems

Who are we?

Our palliative care program offers a team made up of:

  • Physicians
  • Nurse practitioners

You May be wondering…

Do I get to keep my doctor?

Yes! We are a consult service and work with your doctors.

When is a good time to start Palliative Care?

You can receive Palliative Care from the moment of the initial diagnosis.

What happens once I’ve been referred to Palliative care?

At our first meeting we will discuss:

  • what matters most to you and your loved ones
  • your personal values
  • your treatment wishes
  • symptoms and stress that can occur with a serious illness

Then we work with you, your family, and other doctors to help you live well with your conditions and treatment.

Does referral to palliative care mean I’m dying?

No. Receiving palliative care does not mean you’re dying. It does mean you are dealing with difficult medical problems - ones that can cause pain, uncertainty and personal struggles. Our goal is to help you have relief from the symptoms that are preventing you from living well.

Do I need to stop treatment to get palliative care?

No. We support doing whatever you, your family and your doctors’ feel is right for you. Many of our patients receive treatments, such as chemotherapy, radiation, invasive heart procedures and surgery.

Where can I receive Palliative Care?

  • In your home

I’m worried about my family and the toll my illness is taking on them. Can you help?

Yes. Your family helps make you who you are. Those you love play a big part in your health. We want to meet and talk with those who are important to you.

How does Palliative Care help patients and their families?

  • Expert treatment of pain and other symptoms including emotional and social support
  • Spiritual care and support for people of all faiths and beliefs
  • Support in understanding and choosing treatments
  • Care Coordination among your doctors and therapist
  • Practical help in completing forms and choosing where to live
  • Help with advance care planning
  • Crisis prevention and plans for safety and peace of mind.

How do I get Palliative Care?

Ask your doctor if a Palliative Care consultation is appropriate for yourself or your loved one.

If you have any questions regarding Palliative Care please contact our administrator at 563-421-4222.

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Keeping track of your daily pain can help those treating you understand how you're feeling. Not only that, but it'll also help you to understand the patterns of your pain.


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