A stay in the hospital can be a difficult experience for anyone, but here at Genesis we make every effort to make the experience as comfortable as possible for both our adult patients, as well as, our pediatric patients.

Pediatrics in Davenport

The Pediatric/Adult Surgical Unit on East Central Park Campus has a long tradition of high-quality patient care. This unit was opened in October, 2002 and is a newly remodeled 16-bed unit on the third floor of Genesis East Rusholme Street Campus. There are accommodations for both pediatric as well as adult patients. Each room is equipped with a VCR and/or DVD player and a hide-a-bed for adult family members who wish to stay overnight.

One of our strengths is our interest in improving the way we do things.  Along with patient satisfaction, we are working on creating a quieter, safer environment for our patients. Our new unit on the East campus has enabled us to partner more efficiently with our sister units in the Maternal Child Cluster. We are able to share staff and expertise with each other.  Another strength is our wealth of experience. All told, we have 331 years of RN experience working on our floor. Not bad for a staff of only 21 nurses. Our CNA's have 25 years between them. Our team includes our fantastic physicians, both pediatricians and surgeons.

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