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Athletic Training with Genesis Sports Medicine

The physical demand on an athlete's body is intense, making athletic training absolutely necessary to optimize performance and, most importantly, prevent injury.

Our certified athletic trainers are highly skilled health care professionals with experience in preventative services, emergency care, and physical rehabilitation.

What Is a Certified Athletic Trainer?

A certified athletic trainer has received education and training in the prevention, examination, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of emergent, acute or chronic injuries and medical conditions. They work in collaboration with both physical therapists and physicians to deliver comprehensive, compassionate care.

Improving Outcomes

Our athletic trainers do more than treat injuries as they occur; they work with athletes to prevent injury in the first place, ensuring they remain playing and attending classes.

And, when an injury does occur, care is prompt, appropriate, and effective. A Genesis athletic trainer will routinely communicate with a physical therapist or physician to better assess the unique needs of a particular athlete.

In the long-run, that makes a huge difference.

Connecting Parents and Athletes to Certified Athletic Trainers

A benefit to using a Genesis athletic trainer is our partnership with Healthy Roster, a free mobile app/website that connects parents and coaches with their licensed athletic trainer.

The Healthy Roster app includes:

  • Access to a certified athletic trainer via chat, voice, or video
  • Injury tracking and updates
  • Guardian/parent accounts
  • One account for multiple children
  • HIPAA compliant--meaning it's safe and secure

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Genesis certified athletic trainers routinely provide care with the following organizations:

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