Readmissions Swallowing Studies

Exploring Variables Related to Readmissions in Patients Who Participated in Videofluoroscopic Swallowing Studies: A Retrospective Study


The primary objectives of this study are to retrospectively review medical records in patients who underwent a videofluoroscopic swallowing evaluation (VFSS) at Genesis to:

  1. Determine the frequency that these patients were readmitted (or in the case of outpatients, admitted) with pneumonia, within 1 year of their study
  2. Explore variables that may be associated with patients who were readmitted with pneumonia
      • Age of patient
      • Gender of patient
      • Whether the patient aspirated during their VFSS (i.e., strong evidence of dysphagia)
      • If they aspirated, whether aspiration was silent or produced an audible response/overt sign of aspiration (e.g., coughing)
      • If readmitted, were they identified as having dysphagia during their readmission
Principal Investigator(s)
Darci Becker
Research and Grants Administration at 563-421-7955


  • Genesis Medical Center, East Rusholme Street
    1227 East Rusholme Street
    Davenport, IA 52803
    Main: 563-421-1000

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