Epidemiology of Summer Trauma

Epidemiology of Summer Trauma in Scott County, IA


This exploratory study is driven by the need to collect, collate, and analyze data detailing the incidence of traumatic injuries across Scott County. By combining the emerging power of GIS analysis, coupled with aggressive and robust data collection, this study will be able to provide a unique lens through which the incidence of trauma can be explored. These findings will be used to directly impact the health of the citizens and visitors of Scott County by developing policy and educational programs that will aggressively target the high risk areas found in the county.

Objective 1: Identify high-risk areas in Scott County for specific mechanisms of injury

Objective 2: Determine what mechanisms of injury are most prevalent in Scott County

Principal Investigator(s)
Matthew Koch
Research and Grants Administration at 563-421-7955
or research@genesishealth.com

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