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Breast Cancer: Breast Cancer Collaborative Registry

Breast Cancer Collaborative Registry (BCCR)


This registry/tissue bank is focused on the collection of detailed information and biological samples on participants to help create a resource that will be helpful to researchers in future studies related to breast cancer. It is our hope that future research using information from this registry/tissue bank will lead to improved diagnosis, prevention and treatment of breast cancers. The number of people who will participate is unknown as this registry will continue adding new participants for many years.

Individuals eligible to participate in this registry are those with breast cancer that has been recently diagnosed (within the last 6 months), individuals with a history of breast cancer, those at risk of developing breast cancer or those that have relatives that have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

For more information please visit the National Institutes of Health.


1. Genesis Cancer Care Institute

1401 W. Central Park Ave.

Davenport, IA 52804

Phone Number: 563-421-1900

2. Genesis Cancer Clinic-Silvis

801 Illini Dr.

Silvis, IL 61282

Phone Number: 563-421-1900

3. Iowa Cancer Specialists

1750 E. 53rd St.

Davenport, IA 52807

Phone Number: 563-345-4325

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University of Nebraska Medical Center
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