Research Promotion Fund

Please choose the Research Promotion Fund category that best matches your request.

Unfunded Research

Any investigator may request funds to support unfunded investigator-initiated research. Approval of the request is dependent upon the availability of funds. All research projects must be approved by the Genesis Health System IRB, and the appropriate Administrator prior to submitting a Research Promotion Fund application. These funds may include, but are not limited to personnel, supplies, equipment, hardware/software and data analysis. Up to $10,000 is available for expenses related to unfunded research conducted in partnership with Genesis.

Research Presentations

Support for principal investigator, coordinator, student or research team member to present research or evidence-based practice projects conducted in partnership with Genesis. Up to $5,000 is available for presentation expenses. 

Student Researchers

Support for research students to assist with IRB approved research studies. Funding is only available to students that are not being paid through another mechanism, including but not limited to work study, unpaid internship or educational grant. Up to $2,000 per student.

Continuing Education

Support for Clinical Research Coordinators or other staff members to attend continuing education programs. Funds are available for one conference per staff member, per year. Up to $5,000 is available per continuing education program.

Research Conference or Meeting

Funding to support conferences or meetings that are focused on disseminating research findings. Up to $5,000 per conference/meeting.


Journal subscriptions and professional society memberships for researchers. Up to $2,000 per year, per investigator.  

Professional Publication

Expenses for editing services offered by professional journals and publications required prior to publication.