Who We Are

Who We Are

Values and mission statements are only commendable goals until they captivate the hearts and hands of extraordinary individuals who give them life. Then they become world changing actions. Genesis celebrates our extraordinary employees who demonstrate our core values in service to our patients and our community.

Genesis employees have held the hand of a dying man at the scene of an accident, grieved with a patient's family member, served the underserved, lived a dream with an aging veteran, and brought new life into the world in a challenging environment.

We want to share these stories of employees who have demonstrated the Genesis values of safety, interity, compassion, accountability, respect and excellence. Their actions help us tell the story of Who We Are as an organization.

We will be updating this space with new stories. Click the link below, or see below to read about Genesis values that make us Who We Are. We hope you enjoy this multi-media recognition of special people and their special acts.

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Nothing Routine About "Routine" Trip

A routine transport of a patient turned into a run that was anything but routine. Read more >>


Serving with Honor

Genesis hospice nurse Mary Kozlov, RN, called him “my vet.’’  She respected Bill for his service in World War II and for his courage as a cancer patient. Read more >>


One Final Anniversary

The couple had celebrated a remarkable 69 anniversaries together and another milestone was approaching. Genesis Medical Center, Aledo was there to help. Read more >>

Sharing Grief, And A Hug

Joe Wild was taking care of his responsibilities as a groundskeeper for Genesis Health System in Davenport when a woman, her eyes red and moist, walked past. Read more >>

Living Genesis Mission…Always

Sometimes a situation occurs in which normal common sense and a great sense of compassion come together and a wonderful thing happens. Read more >>

Genesis Employees Find Their Mission

Mission work continues today throughout Genesis Health System. Read more >>


Turning A City Pink With Healing

Sherry Stauffer has been on the journey herself as a breast cancer survivor of 11 years. She believes her calling as a survivor is to increase awareness and help others heal. Read more >>


One Person's Garage is Another's Store

Karen Marolf, RN, was making her first home visit with a new hospice patient of Genesis VNA and Hospice when she was warned by family members not to sit on the patient's worn, stained furniture. Read more >>


Clinic's Generosity Heals Lives

Homeless and injured from being beaten up and robbed, a man showed up at Genesis Family Medical Center for help. Read more>>