Published on April 25, 2013

One Final Anniversary

The couple had celebrated a remarkable 69 anniversaries together and another milestone was approaching.

Nearing the end of his life, it was probably going to be the last celebration the husband would have with his life-long partner. The husband, hospitalized at Genesis Medical Center, Aledo, was upset he was not going to be able to celebrate properly with his wife.

The hospital staff heard the couple talk about their approaching milestone anniversary.

The staff at Genesis Medical Center, Aledo, didn’t stop with only caring for their patient’s physical needs. They cared for the patient and his wife in every way.

They bought a cake, invited the couple’s family and friends, and gathered in his hospital room to celebrate. They all sang “Happy Anniversary” to the couple; a couple still devoted to each other after so many years.

The man, with tears running down his cheeks, had been able to celebrate with his wife once more before it was time to say good-bye.