Published on December 08, 2014

Living Genesis Mission…Always

Sometimes a situation occurs in which normal common sense and a great sense of compassion come together and a wonderful thing happens.

Living Genesis Mission

On Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014  in blizzard conditions, I was traveling to pick up my daughter.  The conditions were so bad it felt as if I were attempting to drive in a snow globe.  The visibility was barely beyond the front of my vehicle.

I drove into a ditch not far from where I was picking up my daughter. When calling loved ones to notify them of my situation, I found myself in a position of despair and utter helplessness. My choice became one of sitting it out the storm or asking someone else to drive in these terrible conditions and risk their own health to come get me. 

With good sense, I quickly chose to sit and wait it out. Sitting alone assessing my situation, with blankets in the truck, a Genesis water bottle in my cup holder, knowing temperatures were forecast to sink to a dangerous low, I felt even more vulnerable and alone.  I would be waiting it out by myself.

Then my rescuer arrived. A car honked and stopped. The person offered me a place to stay to wait out the storm. We introduced ourselves.  We had never met before.  Not knowing anywhere else to go or anyone else to call, this person invited me into her home. Nearing her home, she called her husband to notify him she had “a guest.’’ I was offered food and drink. A daughter’s bedroom was prepared.

Soon after arriving, we started to talk and realized we both work at Genesis.  Her name is Lesley Carter and she works in purchasing. She had welcomed me into her home and treated me as a member of her family without knowing who I was or what kind of person I am.  She took a risk in this day and age and should be commended. Her compassion and generosity are reflection of who she is as a person. These qualities shined over and positively affected me. I have never in my life felt so hopeless, or helpless and yet blessed. At one of the worst points in my life, I was welcomed into her home and invited to spend a delightful evening of sharing. 

I feel as if I now have a new extended family with Lesley, her husband, her son, and the daughter whose room I took over for the night.

I commend Lesley for putting herself out there to help a stranger in a bad situation. Genesis is fortunate to have people like Lesley with such outstanding ethics and morals.

By Diane Kavanaugh, RN