One Person’s Garage Is Another’s Store - Genesis Health System

One Person’s Garage Is Another’s Store

Karen Marolf, RN, was making her first home visit with a new hospice patient of Genesis VNA and Hospice.

Marolf was warned by family members not to sit on the patient’s worn, stained furniture. She was told the hospice patient couldn’t afford to replace the tattered furniture.

Possibly more divine intervention than coincidence, Marolf was in the process of replacing furniture in her own home.

“I thought I would just sell what I had or give it to Goodwill but ironically, this patient needed furniture at the same time I was replacing furniture that was still very good,’’ Marolf explained.

Marolf offered the patient’s family the opportunity to come and see what she had, and take what they could use.

The family went through Marolf’s garage and left with a couch, two chairs, end tables, table lamps and waste baskets.

“The family was elated. It felt good to be able to share the furniture with someone who needed it more than our family did,’’ Marolf said. “After that it felt very comfortable visiting the patient. The patient had pretty good furniture that I wasn’t afraid to sit on.’’