Published on October 03, 2016

Paying Respects

Aledo Senior Living Activities Supervisor Makes Sure Resident’s Needs Are Met

Mary, a long-time resident of Genesis Senior Living, Aledo and former nurse of 40 years at Genesis Medical Center, Aledo, was uncertain if she would be able to attend the visitation and funeral when her sister passed.

She wasn’t sure how it would be possible 30 miles away on a Saturday.

Lisa Wessels, activities supervisor at the senior community, made certain it was possible.

On a very windy Saturday; so windy that staff would usually cancel any trips in the activities van, Lisa drove Mary to Milan “very slowly’’ on her day off for the visitation and funeral.

“I’ve been here for seven years and I know Mary has been a resident at least that long,’’ Lisa explained. “We usually wouldn’t have the van out in gusts like we had that day but if it was important to Mary, we wanted to do it for her.
“Not just myself, but other staff members have done similar things for the residents on our days off. Our staff is very understanding about the needs of the residents, who really become part of our families.’’

Mary, who still often wears nursing scrubs as her regular clothing, was still undecided but on the morning of the funeral she decided she wanted to pay her last respects.

“Mary was able to attend the visitation and the funeral and she was able to catch up with family members,’’ Lisa explained. “Some of them she hadn’t seen for years.’’

The Genesis mission to provide compassionate, quality health services to all those in need does not end at the walls of our facilities or when the work day is over. It is truly a mission without borders.