Published on May 30, 2013

Turning A City Pink With Healing

Sherry Stauffer has been on the journey herself as a breast cancer survivor of 11 years. She believes her calling as a survivor is to increase awareness and help others heal.

“This disease touches so many people’s hearts and souls. We need a way to help them heal, not just physically, but emotionally, too,’’ said Stauffer, a nutrition services employee at Genesis Medical Center, DeWitt.

Stauffer found a way to raise awareness in DeWitt with a lot of help from the community. DeWitt was turned pink, the universal color of breast cancer awareness.

Businesses and their employees were urged to paint their windows, decorate their offices, wear pink costumes, create window displays and hold fundraisers to benefit breast cancer organizations.

There was a decorating contest with prizes.

“Everyone has a mission in life. This is mine. The way I see it, God is using me as his instrument to bring good health to people,’’ Stauffer said.