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  • Using Mindfulness to Help Heal Grief 12/26/2017

    Mindfulness is a form of meditation—settling our nervous system and training the brain to be more focused and less reactive.

  • On a Holiday with Grief 10/24/2017

    Grief is a natural response to loss, especially heightened during the holiday season.

  • Normal: Death, Grief, and You 6/24/2017

    Normalization of death and grief can be emotionally uncomfortable, yet a beneficial way for us to be empowered to better accept, promote, and understand a normal dying and grieving process.

  • After All That 5/26/2017

    Genesis Chaplain Lisa Gaston reflects on her own grief journey after losing her mother

  • Where the Grief of Change Finds Help and Hope 4/24/2017

    As humans, we desire tangible milestones and signs to tell us where the dying person is on their journey.

  • When the Pain Is the Deepest 3/24/2017

    When the pain is the deepest, the number of words should be the fewest. I am not sure where I first heard this statement, but the concept touched me.

  • Let’s Talk About Grief 3/13/2017

    Practicing good nutrition and fitness habits can help ward off Monday malaise, but what about those times the extra weight you’re carrying is the burden of grief?

  • Everything I Needed To Know I Didn’t Learn In Kindergarten 2/24/2017

    Where do we learn things? Not ABCs and 123s, but how to live and interact? How to be a “good” person and respond “properly”? How to love and how to grieve?

  • It’s About Love After All 1/24/2017

    A colleague recently asked why, after seven years as a hospice nurse, I would become a grief counselor. I decided that it is all about the light of love.

  • When Words Are Hard to Find 12/24/2016

    LPN Abigail Burnette reflects on the honor it is to serve hospice patients at the Clarissa C. Cook Hospice House.

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