• Mashawa Afoaquah

    My first child was born at Genesis West, when it was called Mercy Hospital. It was special for me to return as a nurse to where I started.

  • Cathy Marshall

    I enjoy supporting laboring moms during one of the most intimate times of their life.

  • Lisa Andresen

    I enjoy working at the BirthCenter because we have a huge impact on one of the most important times in a family's life.

  • Kim Nimrick

    I am blessed to be able to be witness to the amazing care our team provides on a daily basis.

  • Heather Mink

    My husband and I were recently married so whenever we do decide that it’s the right time to start a family, we will definitely choose Genesis because I know first-hand the excellent care that is provided to every patient.

  • Mattea Otten

    I work postpartum, taking care of the moms and babies and educating them about what's important before they go home.

  • Rebekah Morden

    I am most proud to work at the BirthCenter because of the progressive care we give our patients. We are driven and guided by best practices. We have the support from all levels of management to improve ourselves and our patients' lives with current recommendations for a safe and satisfying patient experience.

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