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Baby FeetGet a superior birth experience from the Quad Cities' birthing leader in either Davenport or Silvis.


We're transforming cancer care with the next generation of cancer-fighting technology.


Award-winning cardio-thoracic surgery and team care for Quad City hearts.


Surgery at Genesis Providing inpatient and same-day surgical procedures, including robotic-assisted surgery.


Specialized ortho team of surgeons, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and nurses.


Physical disability help for all ages at our inpatient and outpatient locations.

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  • da Vinci Robotic Surgery

    The da Vinci is a robotic platform that is designed to allow for complex surgeries that are minimally invasive. The purpose of the da Vinci is to scale, filter, and seamlessly translate a surgeon's hand movements into precise movements.

  • Dementia
  • Diabetes

    The nationally recognized Genesis Diabetes Care Centers are a Recognized Program of the American Diabetes Association. To attain this recognition the centers must conform to rigorous program standards and demonstrate superior health outcomes. We are happy to report a 98% Patient Satisfaction score for those who have gone through the Diabetes Self Management Program.

  • Dialysis

    Genesis offers the only hospital-based hemodialysis center in the Quad Cities, providing treatment for patients with kidney failure on both an inpatient and outpatient basis.

  • Dietetics
  • Dry Needling

    Dry needling is a therapeutic technique in which a trained physical therapist uses a small, sterile filament needle to reduce or eliminate musculoskeletal pain or dysfunction.

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Care & Treatment