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Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Trust Genesis' Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) to provide your baby with the highly skilled care he or she needs to thrive. As the regional leader for the care of critically ill newborns, we provide family-centered treatment for babies born as early as 29 weeks gestation, or nearly three months premature.

Advanced Care Close to Home

The Davenport BirthCenter offers a Level II Regional Neonatology Center—the only NICU in the Quad Cities staffed full time by neonatologists from the nationally recognized University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital. And the Silvis BirthCenter has a Level II Special Care Nursery. This means your baby has access to experienced doctors and nurses who use the latest in advanced technology. Benefit from highly specialized, on-site care that allows your infant to get superior treatment close to home.

Your child also has access to services that include:

  • Sophisticated ventilator and respiratory support – Particularly important for high-risk premature infants with underdeveloped lungs
  • Nurse substations with direct visual access to every patient room
  • Secured entrance Helps control visitors going into and out of the NICU
  • Neonatal transport services
  • Technologically advanced monitoring equipment
  • Infant security system

Soothing, Therapeutic Environment for Your Whole Family

Find the comforting, low-stimulus environment your baby needs to flourish at Genesis' Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Davenport. Your newborn will stay in a developmentally friendly setting tailored to meet the needs of premature babies and infants with acute conditions. The private rooms include:

  • Subdued lighting
  • Reduced sound
  • Adjustable lighting
  • Customizable temperature

Serene Surroundings

Your whole family will also find comfort in the NICU's serene surroundings, designed and decorated to resemble a quaint, bayside village. Each room looks like its own cottage and includes shutters, awnings and carpet that looks like a shimmering pool of water.

Additional family-focused amenities include:

  • Home-like nesting rooms where you can feed your child and learn about at-home care
  • Isolation room where you can stay with your infant with complex needs
  • Refreshments area
  • Bathroom with shower and bathtub
  • Private areas for support and spiritual care

Access to Innovative Treatment

Your infant will benefit from Genesis' membership in the Vermont Oxford Network, a collaborative community of more than 1,000 health care centers focused on the treatment of high-risk newborns. Network members share with each other the latest neonatal care research and quality initiatives. As a patient of a member hospital, your child will have access to clinical trials and long-term follow-up studies to help improve his or her health outcomes.

"Most of the time, their baby's admission to the NICU catches parents by surprise. Their ideal birth experience has suddenly changed, and a lot of their control has been taken away. We try to give the control and decision-making back to them, so they feel involved and not so isolated from their baby."
— Cindy Skipton, RN, Davenport BirthCenter NICU Manager

Experience How Genesis Delivers

Learn more about our safe, modern facilities. Sign up online for a tour of the Davenport BirthCenter, or call 309-281-4450 to schedule a tour of the Silvis BirthCenter.

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