37th Annual Pediatric Summer Program | Bettendorf, IA | Genesis Health System - Genesis Health System

Pediatric Summer Program

Pediatric Summer Program


A physician’s referral is necessary for all summer program participants. Information about obtaining this referral is included in the summer packet.


Participants enrolled in individual occupational, physical, or speech therapy will receive 30-60 minute sessions 1-2 times per week depending on need. Sessions are available Mondays through Thursdays and are scheduled with families after the enclosed application is received.

Individual Speech & Language Therapy

Assisting children of all skill levels from preschool through middle school, individual speech sessions are designed to aid in preparation for, or carryover of, existing school speech programs.

Individual Physical & Occupational Therapy

Physical therapy and occupational therapy are offered to children with physical disabilities, developmental delay, sensory motor impairment, and gross and fine motor delays from birth through middle school.


Handwriting Skills

Group focused kinesthetic approach to learning letter and number formation using the Handwriting Without Tears program. Recommended for children already familiar with the alphabet who are having difficulty forming letters. Led by Occupational Therapists.

Constraint Induced Movement Therapy

An intensive 4 day per week group designed for children with weakness of one arm due to cerebral palsy, stroke, or other neurological disorders. Through restraint of the unaffected arm, the weak arm and hand are strengthened through play. Led by Occupational and Physical Therapists.

Chance to Dance

Designed for boys and girls to address strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility through dance routines that are fun and educational. Builds social skills and confidence while improving motor coordination. Appropriate for children who are able to walk independently with or without an assistive device. Recommended for children with decreased coordination, balance concerns, or neurological disorders.

(Extra Special Peer Network) ESPN

Extra Special Peer Network promotes fitness and movement through games in a safe and non-competitive environment. We incorporate land activities that involve cooperation, turn-taking, following and being a leader, as well as learning the rules and skills for simple games. Appropriate for children with autism, Down syndrome, sensory disorders, developmental delay, or neurological disorders who are able to play sports without walking assistance.

Life Essentials

This group encourages independence with activities of daily living and community involvement. Each session will focus on life skills necessary for teens and young adults. Occupational therapists guide this group through themes such as cooking, hygiene, basic housekeeping skills, and community and leisure participation. Prior screening will take place for group readiness.

High School Social Skills Group

The target population for this group is teens with pragmatic language and social delays, specifically high functioning autism/Asperger’s. A primary focus is to teach concrete vocabulary about social skills. This approach helps students to step back and think about social interactions and become better social problem solvers. Areas targeted include perspective taking, conversation initiation and maintenance.

Go Peds Ninja Warrior

Have a blast learning techniques and safe use of ninja obstacle courses while focusing on strength, coordination and balance skills. Children must be five years or older and capable of walking safely by themselves to participate. Recommended for children with decreased coordination, balance concerns, or neurological disorders.