Genesis Power Sports Performance

We have a passion for power! 

Adaptations To Training 

Enhance your athletic performance with the help of Genesis Power Sports Performance. PSP offers structured, progressive programs that include strength, plyometric, speed and acceleration, running mechanics, CORE, and general conditioning training. Regardless of your sport or training status, the coaches at PSP can develop a program to meet your needs and increase your performance. Furthermore, by incorporating flexibility training and specialized single limb training the chance of injury during sports may be decreased by training at PSP. At PSP athletes can expect to see results in: speed, agility, first step quickness, power, strength, conditioning, body composition, and single leg balance and stability.


At Genesis Power Sports Performance every athlete participates in an extensive evaluation process to identify opportunities for athletic improvement. Measurements in power, agility, strength and muscular endurance are taken pre and post training to give athletes feedback on their progress. PSP training programs are designed to not only improve these critical characteristics of athletics but also meet the specific movement and energy demands that sport requires.