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Whatever the dismissive slang term might be, the fact is that concussions are brain injuries, and the impact of brain injuries can be long-term and debilitating.

Genesis Concussion Management Program provides concussion evaluation and management for any athlete, recreational athlete or non-athlete who participates in activities that may pose a risk for concussion. This concussion management program offers:

  • Pre and Post-injury testing (Concussion Vital Signs® and NeuroCom®)
  • Written report of findings and specific recommendations to parents, primary care physicians, and school administrators, coaches and athletic trainers.
  • Recommendation for return to classroom

The cost for both the balance and cognitive baseline assessment is $52.

Concussion Vital Signs (CVS)®

Concussion Vital Signs® provides a web-based neurocognitive brain function baseline testing, a self-reported history, and post-concussion symptom rating scales. This assessment is used to establish an individual’s “normal” neurocognitive baseline so health professionals have a reference point they can use to measure an athlete’s neurocognitive function post-injury. “Neurocognition” refers to the higher brain functions: learning, remembering, concentrating, solving problems, and decision making.


Balance is controlled by an area of the brain that can also be affected by concussion. The NeuroCom® Balance Master uses technology developed by NASA to measure an individual’s balance. A baseline is obtained to establish an individual’s “normal” balance to use as a reference point for post-injury testing. The athlete stands on a platform inside a small booth that has sensors to measure postural stability (balance) as both the platform and the walls move.


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