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Our Nurses Have A Certain Magnetism

The American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), an arm of the American Nurses Association, has for the second time named GMC Davenport a member of the prestigious Magnet Recognition Program for excellence in nursing services.

GMC Davenport becomes the first hospital in the Quad Cities, and just the fourth in Iowa to retain its Magnet recognition, first awarded in 2005.

The four-year Magnet redesignation, which runs to 2013, acknowledges GMC Davenport's continued success in delivering high-caliber patient-centered care as well as innovation in professional nursing, and provides consumers with the ultimate benchmark to measure the quality of care that they can expect to receive.

GMC Davenport employs nearly 1,000 full-time, part-time and per diem nurses.

Magnet designation is awarded to hospitals that meet rigorous nationally and internationally recognized standards for nursing care and performance. Of the roughly 6,000 hospitals in the United States, only 6.3 percent have achieved Magnet recognition.

Just 3 percent have achieved Magnet redesignation

According to the ANCC, the leading nursing credentialing organization in the United States, Magnet designation is widely accepted as the gold standard of patient care. The Magnet program recognizes excellence and professionalism in nursing management, philosophy and practices, adherence to standards for improving the quality of patient care and attention to cultural and ethnic diversity. Applicants undergo an extensive evaluation, and members who are awarded Magnet status must continue to pass bi-annual reviews as part of their four-year designation. To reapply for and receive Magnet status for an additional four years is confirmation of the hospital's resolve to deliver the highest level of care in nursing today.

"You don't get redesignated if you've just been standing pat, you've got to be moving your nursing practice forward," said Ann Garton, BSN, RN, ONC, Magnet Coordinator for GMC Davenport. "They want to see how innovative you are and whether or not you're evaluating yourself and your outcomes. We'll have to take another step up to be redesignated again in four years."

Magnet Advantages

The label "Magnet Hospital" originally was given to a group of U.S. hospitals that successfully attracted (hence the term ‘Magnet') and retained nurses during a national nursing shortage in the 1980s. Research into their success led to development of the formal Magnet Recognition Program. In addition to outperforming their peers in nurse recruitment and retention, Magnet hospitals have lower rates of nursing burnout, increased job satisfaction, higher ratings for the quality of care delivered, increased productivity, lower Medicare and disease specific mortality rates, shorter lengths of stay and increased patient satisfaction.

Also, Magnet hospitals attract higher quality physicians and specialists, and consumers have more confidence in the quality of Magnet-designated facilities, giving them a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Because it focuses on quality patient care and nursing excellence, Magnet Recognition provides consumers with the ultimate benchmark to measure the quality of care that they can expect to receive.

In the 2009 U.S. News & World Report listing of "America's Best Hospitals," 15 of the top 21 (71 percent) medical centers featured in the prestigious Honor Roll are Magnet-recognized organizations. In the Children's Hospital Honor Roll, nine of the top 10 (90 percent) hospitals are ANCC Magnet recognized. 

Redesignation Process

The lengthy, four-phase process to achieve Magnet redesignation for GMC Davenport began in 2008 with an application for redesignation to the Magnet Recognition Program. More than 2,000 pages of documentation and evaluation of the nursing organization, detailing numerous examples in nurse leadership, empowerment, professional practice and new knowledge, innovations and improvements, was submitted in late summer 2009. Genesis was one of the first hospitals in the country to successfully submit its documentation electronically.

After reviewing the documentation, program appraisers scored Genesis high enough to merit a January 2010 site visit, conducted by professional registered nurses with experience in quality processes, nursing services administration, and nursing care.

Following their site visit, the Magnet appraisers made a final report and recommendations to the Commission on Magnet Recognition, which reviewed the findings and awarded Magnet redesignation to GMC Davenport in March 2010.

"To earn Magnet status once is a tremendous accomplishment and a great source of pride for our nurses," said Julie Manas, President, GMC Davenport. "To retain Magnet status for another four years really underscores the commitment of our entire staff to continually strive harder each day to meet the health care needs of the people we serve." 

Watch a video of the redesignation phone call in March 2010!  

Magnet Site Visit

Genesis was first recognized as a Magnet Organization in 2005 and again in 2010. This designation reflects our commitment to consistently deliver excellence in nursing. Because it's 2015, Genesis is now applying for re-designation.

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