Professional Governance

Professional Governance, previously known as Shared Governance, drives operational, professional, educational, and research processes for nursing practice. It is the framework for shared decision-making and is grounded in shared professional accountability that gives all an equal voice.

The nursing governance structure at GMC is comprised of the Patient Care Area Partnership Councils (PPCs), the Nursing Partnership Council (NPC), and standing committees. The councils function independently as well as interdependently to ensure that patients at Genesis Medical Center (GMC) receive the most current, effective and efficient nursing care. Council involvement is a core value for staff and management. Councils are expected to integrate relevant professional and regulatory standards into their functions along with current research.

The purpose of the nursing governance structure is to:

  • Ensure consistent, high quality patient care by supporting the staff/patient relationship through active involvement in decision making related to professional nursing practice.
  • Create a work culture that attracts, retains and maintains competent staff.
  • Optimize the efficient use of resources in the delivery of care and the operation of the patient care areas.

The scope of the nursing governance structure encompasses:

  • Defining, implementing and ensuring adherence to standards of nursing practice and care.
  • Establishing processes that provide effective and efficient operations in areas that provide nursing care (as defined in the Hospital Plan for the Provision of Nursing Care).