Professional Practice Model 

At the center of the Professional Practice Model is Florence Nightingale our foundational theorist.  Her words reflect thoughts and principles that are consistent with many GMC nursing values and beliefs. She serves as the core of our modern nursing profession.

Professional Nursing  - the overarching framework for professional growth, development, and the structures and processes that govern our profession. It is what we do and who we are.

Patient & Family Care - primary nursing and relationship-based care focuses on the patient and family.  The patient and the family's unique needs are at the center of the care we deliver.

Evidence-Based Practice guides our clinical decision making through the use of research and evidence. 

Professional Relationships -allow nurses to share responsibility for decisions that affect nursing practice and to collaborate with other disciplines to affect patient outcomes. 

Rewards and Recognition - allows nurses to demonstrate individualized advancement as well as celebrate our success in the nursing profession and the care we deliver. 

Excellence - Genesis Nurses strive for Excellence within our profession.