Nurse Residency - Genesis Health System

New Graduate Nurse Residency Program

The Genesis Nurse Residency Program assists newly licensed nurses through the transition from student to professional nurse. The program provides the newly licensed nurse extra guidance, education, mentoring, and socialization while enhancing both critical thinking and clinical reasoning skills. The Nurse Residency Program also helps newly licensed nurses to identify and apply concepts of evidence-based practice.

The Genesis Nurse Residency Program begins with the initial new hire orientation and preceptorship-based unit orientation to provide the newly licensed nurse with the clinical competency needed for their new role. This comprehensive program continues throughout the 1st year to provide the ongoing support and resources to aid in the transition to their new career.

Program Schedule

  • Training (week one of orientation)
  • Education (weeks 2-12 unit specific orientation)
  • Development - Transition Management (classes continued through first year)

The newly licensed nurse will be provided additional education and support by: 

  • Attending five, three hours sessions over the course of one year. 
  • Learning the patient centered care, teamwork, communication, safety, and leadership related topics utilized at Genesis. 
  • Discussion of clinical experiences, work place concerns, and success stories. 
  • Support for competency development as a registered nurse. 
  • Networking with other newly licensed registered nurses. 
  • Highlighting their department’s evidence-based improvement projects. 
  • Participation in a full day of the Nursing Partnership Council with their unit representative to learn how professional governance empowers staff in decision making and control over practices.