Student Nurse Assistant Pre-Licensure Program

Starting your Nursing Career at Genesis

Student Nurse Assistant Pre-Licensure Program is a pre-graduation program for Senior RN students in their last semester to begin their career as a Nursing Assistant 2 (NA 2) within Genesis Health System.

Our Commitment: 

  • Genesis will provide appropriate training, orientation and competency review upon hire as a Nursing Assistant 2.
  • Genesis will only allow Nursing Assistant 2 employees to work within their scope of practice
  • Genesis will increase your pay to the RN rate once you transfer into the RN position
  • Genesis will provide a clinical orientation and mentoring experiences that will help you become a successful “First Nurse” (RN)

Rewards and Expectations:

  • Genesis will provide a $400 bonus check with your first paycheck as an RN to offset your cost of taking the NCLEX exam.
  • Genesis will pay the cost of your NCLEX exam
  • Student will receive a one-time $3000 Bonus - six months after obtaining their RN license. In return, Genesis requests a 2 year commitment.
  • The pay range is determined by your applicable experience
  • Once you have successfully passed NCLEX and are in good standing, you will transition into an RN position within the same unit
  • If you do not pass NCLEX, you will be removed from the NA 2 schedule and are able to apply for other positions in which you qualify for within Genesis
  • Student must be currently enrolled in the final semester of a nursing program to qualify for NA 2 position
  • Students that are currently employed by Genesis are eligible to apply for a NA 2 position once enrolled in their final semester of a Nursing program.
  • Student must apply for an NA 2 (Nursing Assistant) position at our website:
  • Student must pass NCLEX within 60 days of meeting the requirements of graduation and obtain their RN license