Nursing Professional Development Program


Genesis is committed to providing opportunities for continual learning and recognition of nurses clinically focused on bedside nursing who demonstrate behaviors which advance the Nursing Mission and Vision. In keeping with this commitment, Genesis supports these nurses who wish to advance their performance within the framework of the ANA Professional Performance Standards. The Nursing Professional Development (NPD) Program is an incentive, creating a recognition and reward opportunity for advancement beyond the basic expectations of the RN job description and serves primarily to recognize the contribution of clinical bedside nurses who are committed to advancing professional nursing practice.

The Nursing Professional Development (NPD) program utilizes Patricia Benner’s Novice to Expert model applied to nursing practice. The program describes the advancement of nurses clinically focused on bedside nursing based on criteria including experience, professional practice, knowledge and skills, interpersonal relationships, commitment to patient satisfaction and leadership qualities.

Nursing Professional Development (NPD) Program Objectives

The program objectives for nursing include:

  1. To provide advancement opportunities that encourage nurses to remain at the bedside
  2. To promote commitment and ownership of nursing practice at the unit level
  3. To provide a system of recognition for highly qualified nurses involved in direct patient care activities
  4. To promote professionalism and commitment to the Genesis mission and values.
  5. To improve patient care through personal growth and contributions to their practice area

The program objectives for the organization include:

  1. To provide the organization with a tool for recruitment and retention
  2. To stimulate individual professional development
  3. To promote the improvement of quality patient care
  4. To increase job satisfaction
  5. To aid in reduction of turnover rates and the expenses associated with hiring new employees