Genesis Safe at Home COVID Care Program

The Genesis Safe at Home COVID care program provides care and support for high risk patients who have tested positive for COVID-19, have symptoms, and are self-quarantining at home. This program will focus on those who have certain medical conditions that might be at increased risk of severe illness, and who have become infected with COVID-19. Population deemed at increased risk can be found on the CDC website.

Our home treatment team of nurses, physicians, and support staff will use telemedicine to monitor and care for you as you recover in the comfort of your home and will allow for early determination of the need for a higher level of care.

By monitoring your progress through phone or video visits, the home treatment team may help prevent disease complications that require hospitalization or quickly intervene if your condition worsens. By intervening early in a high risk patient’s illness, we hope more patients will benefit from additional support. The visits are also an opportunity for you and your family to discuss concerns or ask questions.

What You Need to Know

  • To Enroll and Initial Consult: Contact your primary care physician or you will be contacted once positive results are identified. In connecting with our care team you will have to opt in to enroll into the Genesis Safe at Home COVID Care Program. At that time you will answer a series of questions from our nurse to triage your condition.

  • Home Monitoring Kit: You will receive a home monitoring kit. This kit is mailed after your initial consult and you will receive it in 1-2 days or you can opt to pick up your kit curbside. The kit includes a pulse oximeter, blood pressure monitor, and thermometer. Also included is a chart to log your symptoms. (Thanks to a generous grant from the Genesis Foundation, the patient kits are donated to those enrolled in the Genesis Safe at Home COVID Care Program.

  • Scheduled Virtual Visit: Your telehealth visit is already scheduled with the home treatment team upon opting for this care plan. The visit will be scheduled based on your risk factors and symptoms. Additional visits may be scheduled depending on your condition, symptoms and risk factors.

  • Billing: The telehealth visits with your provider will be billed to your insurance as if you were seen for a regular clinic visit. Many insurance companies are covering all COVID-related care. However, please feel free to check with your insurance company. If you do not have insurance, the estimated charge is $59 per visit.

Genesis Health System is committed to providing you safe, excellent care and the most up-to-date preparedness efforts as we navigate this challenging time together.

Resources: For this program you will need to have access to the Genesis Convenient CareNow App & Patient Portal

Genesis Convenient CareNow App

Consult with a doctor by web or phone using the Genesis Convenient CareNow App. Access Convenient Genesis Convenient Care, VirtualCareNow via the mobile app or using our web link.

  1. Search for Genesis Convenient CareNow in the App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Download the app
  3. Create an account and have your visit with a doctor

Patient Portal

  • Send secure message to your doctor's office about appointments, health records, medications, and My Genesisprescription refills.
  • View lab and imaging results
  • View medical records
  • Access Care
Must be 18 or older
  1. You will receive an invitation within 24 hours at the email you provided.
  2. Accept your invitation and complete the form for patient portal access.
  3. Download the MyGenesis app at no cost.

Genesis Safe at Home COVID Care Program | Testimonials

Barbara Rice, Davenport

Call Barbara Rice stubborn. Even though she hadn’t been feeling well, the 76-year-old Davenport woman refused to see a doctor. At the urging of Rice’s daughter, a relative paid her a visit in early November.

“She checked my oxygen level and temperature and told me, ‘you’re not staying here, you’re going to the hospital.’”

At Genesis, Rice learned that not only did she have the COVID-19 virus, she also had pneumonia. She was admitted to GMC-East Rusholme Street, where she was a patient for five days.

“The care I got was excellent,” says Rice “While I was up on the 6th floor, all of them (her care team) were great.”

With her health improving, Rice was released from the hospital November 11 and placed in the Genesis “Safe at Home COVID Care Program,” where patients continue their recovery working with a home treatment team of nurses, physicians, and support staff.

As part of the program, patients are given home testing equipment, including a pulse oximeter; blood pressure monitor; a thermometer; and a symptom log sheet. The equipment allowed Rice to monitor and report her vitals when called or visited.

Being in the program gave her peace of mind that everything was under control.

“It’s been great and I’m so happy with the way I’ve been treated,” she says. “I felt like I was going to get better because they were so on top of things. It gave me a lot of confidence.

“I feel better now than I did for a long time before I went to the hospital. I’m just amazed that they’re getting me all fixed up. They did miracles as far as I’m concerned.”

Stanley Robinson, Eldridge

When 73-year-old Stanley Robinson developed a sore throat, he suspected COVID. The rural Eldridge man knew he had been exposed to the virus October 31. A test confirmed it.

His symptoms weren’t severe, but he feared the worst, not knowing what to expect.

“In spite of all the news about COVID, there’s still a lot we really don’t know about it,” says Robinson. “One of the first questions I had was how many days until you either make it or you don’t.”

Because his symptoms were mild, hospitalization wasn’t necessary. But his age, a heart condition and diabetes combined to make him at high-risk for complications from the virus.

That’s why Genesis placed Robinson in its “Safe at Home COVID Care Program.” The program’s goal is to provide direct care and support for COVID-positive patients who are at higher risk and are able to recover at home. Patients work with a home treatment team of nurses, physicians, and support staff, and also receive home testing equipment to monitor vitals, a symptom log sheet and a telehealth visit every one to three days.

“The regular phone calls to check on me were a real security blanket. Knowing that if I did happen to take a turn for the worse, Genesis was there to tell me what to do, and if necessary, bring me to the hospital. That security was a good feeling.”

Robinson continues to progress in his recovery, and his worst fears about the virus have subsided.

“Being able to stay at home and recover is nice. It’s a good feeling to know Genesis is keeping track of us.”