Past Accomplishments - Genesis Health System

Past Accomplishments


  • Partnered with Genesis Philanthropy since 2015 to help over 275 individuals reduce the risk of Metabolic Syndrome, which reduces their risk for diabetes, heart disease and stroke. During this time the program has helped Mercer County program participants in the following ways:
    • 41% reduced their risk for Metabolic Syndrome, increasing the length and quality of life, and reducing the cost of medications and health care for the individuals.
    • 64% reduced their elevated blood sugar levels thus reducing the risk of diabetes 
    • 62% reduced their high blood pressure
    • 71.6% reduced their elevated triglycerides (Bad Cholesterol)
    • 39.6 increased their HDL cholesterol (Good Cholesterol) this plus the two items above reduces the risk of stroke or heart attack
    • 93% reduced their waist circumference and lost an average of 15.2 lbs. per person during the 10-week educational program
    • An additional 69 participants are enrolled in the Spring 2018 session
  • Contributed partial funding to remodel a family, friendly hospice room at Genesis Senior Living, Aledo
  • Collaborated with the Mercer County Health Department to update the Mercer County Toothmobile. The Foundation provided $11,750 to replace equipment in the mobile dental clinic that will travel to multiple schools and communities to improve oral care for individuals who may not have access to dental care or dental insurance
  • Secured $10,000 in grants to support diabetes prevention, reduction and management and to expand the cardiac rehabilitation program at Genesis Medical Center, Aledo


  • Awarded $16,500 in CNA and nurse scholarships to help nurses begin, continue or complete their nursing education which improves the quality of care and health outcomes for patients.
  • Provided $222,640 to Genesis Medical Center, Aledo to maintain and enhance the state of the art facility and equipment
  • Secured $10,000 in grants to provide baseline concussion testing for Junior High and community athletes and expand the Metabolic Syndrome program to add an additional 40 applicants ti 2017
  • Purchased a recumbent bicycle to enhance physical therapy for the residents of Genesis Senior Living
  • Supported the Genesis Grief Support Cooperative to provide education, services and family transition totes when individuals and families suffer significant life loss or change


  • Awarded $9,479 in CNA and nurse scholarships to help nurses begin, continue or complete their nursing education which creates additional employment opportunities for students and improves the quality of care and health outcomes for patients
  • Instrumental in securing over $29,000 in grant funding to support the opening and activities of the 16 private room remodel for Memory Care at Genesis Senior Living, Aledo and also for Alzheimer's education
  • Replaced the HVAC units at the Rural Health Clinic making the environment more comfortable for GHG patients and staff
  • Contributed $5,000 to the Mercer County Family YMCA LIVESTRONG Program that supports improving physical activity for cancer survivors
  • Secured $5,000 in grants to host a Mental Health Summit and to develop a mental health resource directory in Mercer County
  • Secured $5,000 in grants to collaborate with the Mercer County Farm Bureau to offer an educational agricultural trauma course for 55 first responders and providers
  • Provided $5,700 seed money to the Mercer County Health Department to develop a private pay immunization program.  Since the program was implemented, they have more than tripled immunizations for the elderly.


  • Participated in the Metabolic Syndrome (MetS) initiative to reduce incidence of heart disease and diabetes (40 participants). Metabolic Syndrome is a group of risk factors occurring together that increases the risk for coronary artery disease, stroke and Type II Diabetes. Following the 10-week program, participants demonstrated a 38% reversal in MetS; 63% eliminated high blood pressure as a risk; 48% eliminated elevated triglycerides as a risk; and 23% reduced their waist circumference as a risk. Average weight loss was 17 pounds per person.
  • Provided $4,000 to assist two nurses in completing their BSN degrees. Provided $1,000 scholarships to help two high school students enroll in CNA training.
  • Repaved driveway to Rural Health Clinic and purchased and installed new air conditioner for Clinic.
  • Provided $197,000 to Genesis Medical Center, Aledo for expanded programs and services and facility enhancements.
  • Provided $3,900 to Mercer County Health Department for repairs and maintenance for the mobile dental van to improve oral health care access.


  • Participated in Genesis Philanthropy to provide free low dose CT scans (5 participants).
  • Participated in the Metabolic Syndrome initiative to reduce incidence of heart disease and diabetes (48 participants).
  • A sum of $800,000 in funds were donated to GMC-Aledo to help with its renovation project
  • Donated $2,685 for the purchase of three computers to be used for the Women, Infant, Children Food Supplement grant (WIC) and Family Case Management grant (FCM) programs
  • Awarded three Registered Nurse (RN) scholarships, each in the sum of $2,500. Two scholarships of $500 were also awarded to CNAs
  • Provided sports physicals for student athletes through Mercer County Boosters Golf Outing (4 participants).
  • Held MFH Annual Golf Outing at Hawthorne Ridge. The event raised approximately $13,000 which are funds used toward the Nursing Scholarship program.
  • Purchased a Wander Guard security system for Genesis Senior Living, Aledo with a donation of $13,000 that came from the Annual Benefit Dinner & Auction
  • Donated $3,750 to the “Nourish to Flourish” Back Pack Program. This organization provides children in need with food to take home from school for over the weekend.


  • Donated a fiberoptic laryngoscope valued at $9,000
  • Purchased a cautery unit for $3,000


  • Donated $20,000 toward the purchase of an injector for Radiology


  • Purchased two gurneys
  • Donated $25,000 toward the renovation of Medical Associates Clinic
  • Purchased microscope valuing $4,000
  • Purchased treadmill with a total value of $5,000


  • Purchased Colonoscopy/Endoscopy equipment valuing $140,000


  • Purchased two Blood Pressure/Temperature Probes valuing $6,000
  • Purchased a Steris Stem Surgical Sterilizer valuing $27,000
  • Raised over $1,000,000 through a Capital Campaign to renovate the hospital
  • Sponsored $1,000 to support Mercer County Health and Safety program


  • Purchased Blood Draw Chair for Laboratory
  • Purchased three blanket warmers with a total value of $12,000


  • Trees planted and Extended Care Garden refurbished
  • Hosting "Battle of the Soups" which raised $2400 for Kids' Room in the Emergency Department
  • Partnered with Moon River Supper Club to host May Day Gala to fund hospital beautification
  • Partnered with AMT/Medic Ambulance Service to sponsor a golf outing
  • Presented complimentary ice cream socials
  • Renovated Patient Room supported by Mercer Foundation for Health


  • Providing $28,000 for a surgical video system
  • Re-roofing the building for $125,000


  • Supplying a $40,000 blood analyzer for the laboratory
  • Purchasing a Kodak film processor for the mammography unit for $26,250


  • Giving the hospital a state-of-the-art mammogram machine costing $67,500


  • Purchasing a sigmoidoscope for $4701


  • Supplying a $20,000 bone densiometer


  • Financing and building the $850,000 Mercer Medical Center


  • Purchasing a $2600 Clinitek urine analyzer


  • Buying and remodeling a Viola building to house the Home Health Care unit


  • Hosting a yearly benefit dinner
  • Offering financial support for the yearly health fair