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Robin Krogman, Director of the DeWitt Community Hospital FoundationThe DeWitt Community Hospital Foundation provided the leadership funds to assist the original DeWitt Community Hospital in 1997 in their need to expand.  The financial support from the community has made an impact on every subsequent improvement, expansion and acquisition. In fact, the foundation board has seen to it that our patients and families have the best health care as a direct result of the long-term community commitment to excellence.

Our donors understand that when they support the foundation, they are partnering with us to enhance an anchor resource’s in Clinton County. While community support has always been vital to DeWitt Community Hospital’s success in providing world-class care in outstanding facilities, it will be even more important going forward.

Nationwide, healthcare delivery is and has been in a state of change which has accelerated due to political, economic and market factors. It is rapidly evolving from an inpatient care model, which results in higher costs, to an outpatient care model which is much more cost efficient. 

The DeWitt Community Hospital Foundation is playing an integral role supporting Genesis DeWitt and Clinton county moving forward as a leader in the next generation of healthcare. You will hear more about the goal for the new master site and facility plan campaign in the future as we move forward in the campaign development process. Thank you to all of our generous donors who have shared the vision and participated in the foundation’s success.

I am proud to be part of an amazing organization that supports the Genesis Medical Center, DeWitt which is not-for-profit hospital located in DeWitt, Iowa since 1952.  The DeWitt Community Hospital Foundation’s board has the compassion and forwarding thinking that helps drive future initiatives and support for our hospital and Westwing long-term care nursing unit.  

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