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Metabolic Syndrome Initiative

Genesis Philanthropy offers you the opportunity to be screened for metabolic syndrome and, if clinically qualified and accepted, to participate in a FREE 10-week online program. Metabolic syndrome leads to many chronic illnesses, such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

Participants have been selected for Fall 2017 classes for Affiliates DeWitt Community Hospital Foundation, Genesis Foundation, and Mercer Foundation for Health, to begin October 9th for 10 weeks. The next class opening will be Spring 2018.

The Naturally Slim® program has been offered to Genesis Health System employees since 2009. Program requirements include:

  • Access to a computer with high speed internet. Lessons are accessed weekly online.
  • Complete all weekly sessions, most lasting approximately 30 minutes (Week 1 lesson is about 90 minutes).
  • Pre and post health screens are required.
  • Applicants with at least 3 of the 5 risk factors and financial need are considered in the application.
  • Only those who will commit to completing the 10-week program will be accepted to participate.
Tony Tharp, Lost 116lbs with Naturally Slim

Tony Tharp, lost 116lbs with
the Naturally Slim® program.

Metabolic Syndrome is indicated through a bio-metric screening when 3 or more of 5 identified risk factors are present.

The 5 risk factors are:

  • Waist measurement greater than or equal to 40" for men, 35" for women
  • Blood pressure greater than or 130/85
  • Triglycerides greater than or equal to 150
  • Fasting glucose greater than or equal to 100
  • HDL cholesterol less than 50 in men, 40 for women

Affiliate Foundations

DeWitt Community Hospital Foundation
Genesis Foundation
Mercer Foundation for Health

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Hear how the Naturally Slim™ program provided by Genesis Philanthropy and the Mercer Foundation for Health changed Sue Ewing's life.

Interview courtesey of WRMJ Radio, Aledo, IL


Success Story

Ron Bormann after skydiving

At 12 miles per hour on a bike or 135 miles per hour in a free fall from 13,600 feet, Ron Bormann is different than the previous version of himself thanks to Genesis Philanthropy, DeWitt Community Hospital Foundation and the Naturally Slim™ program.

Read his story.

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