Our Philosophy of Care

Genesis Health System recognizes that employees and their families may face a wide range of personal problems during their lives and that such problems can have an adverse effect upon their personal well being and job performance. Genesis Health System also recognizes that almost any problem can be successfully resolved provided it is identified in its early stages and treated appropriately. 

This applies whether the problems is one of:

  • Physical illness
  • Mental or emotional conflicts
  • Financial difficulties
  • Personal or family illness
  • Marital or family distress
  • Alcoholism
  • Drug abuse and other addictions
  • Legal problems
  • Other concerns

Therefore, Genesis Health System offers its employees access to an Employee Assistance program, which offers confidential short-term counseling and, when necessary, referrals. Genesis also offers its EAP to external companies, making Genesis an internal/external EAP provider. 

Provision of Care

Genesis Health System will not unlawfully discriminate against any person or category of persons requiring services on the basis of:

  • Race
  • Creed
  • National origin
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Financial status 

The EAP abides by State, Federal Regulations, local, and HIPAA laws regarding client confidentiality. Written consent by the clients is required for disclosure of information except in cases where there is a threat of harm to self or others, suspected abuse or neglect, or a court order to disclose information. 

Any employee who feels he/she has a personal problem is encouraged to seek help before the problem affects job performance. Except in the case of dirty drug or alcohol screens, use of EAP services will be voluntary, will be confidential, and will not affect employment security. The EAP is also available to eligible family members of the employee.

Proper Discipline

When job performance is unsatisfactory, a supervisor may encourage the employee to seek assistance through the EAP if the employee is unable to correct the situation with normal supervisory assistance. If the employee refuses the offer of help and job performance or attendance problems continue, regular disciplinary procedures will apply, and including up to termination. 

It is important for a supervisor to consider the appropriateness of disciplinary procedures for continuous job performance problems regardless of an employee’s decision to seek help. Supervisors are encouraged to make referrals to the EAP. 

It is important to note that the EAP counselor maintains a position of neutrality regarding workplace conflict, and that the EAP not be used as an alternative to the company’s disciplinary policy or as a substitute for its supervision.

The responsibility of the EAP counselor is to provide support to its contracted client companies according to the provisions of the Service Agreement.  This support consists of education, on-site visits, and consultation to managers or supervisors.

Philosophy of Care

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