How Genesis Can Help

As a health system, we understand health--and we have at our disposal a multitude of different services to help make every employee as healthy as possible.

It's all about providing the right tools so that each and every person feels empowered to take their health in their own hands. Here are some details about the different tools we use to help organizations like yours:

Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

Lifestyle questionnaire to assess overall health in areas such as: stress, nutrition, exercise, preventative exams and current conditions. Screening results are combined with questionnaire to generate a personal wellness profile for each participant.

On-Site Wellness Screenings

Provided on-site and looks at the following:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Waist
  • Blood pressure

Blood draw for: Cholesterol (full lipid panel) and glucose. This efficient screening only takes about 15-20 minutes to complete.

Health Consultants

Each participant has the opportunity to meet with a health professional to discuss screening and HRA results.

Employee Education Opportunities

Hold classes on-site at your workplace or direct your employees to our website for online training options. Our online Wellness Center with changing articles is a sure way to keep your participants up to date on health topics. Also available are various other online modules about various topics for participants to view anytime.

Monthly Newsletters

Having wellness information readily available to your employees by distributing a wellness newsletter electronically.

Targeted Intervention Programs

Metabolic syndrome and diabetes are two major diseases adding to health care costs. Genesis has specific programs targeting each of these in a unique way to assist the employee in improving health and risk factors.

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