Genesis OccNet

It's simple. You should be able to access information whenever you want. And that's exactly the point of OccNet--to give users access to important employee records whenever you need them.

Here's the information you can get:

  • Work status
  • Tracking costs
  • Drug screening results
  • Injury data and treatment status
  • Schedule of appointments
  • Injury prevention education

OccNet Demo - Leave the username and password blank to enter the demo. OccNet is a specialized feature that Genesis Occupational Health can offer to their employers. You can now access employee records with ease and convenience allowing for information on work related healthcare cases.


Is OccNet easy to use?

OccNet is very user friendly. And we're more than happy to provide training and support for all OccNet users.

How is it structured?

OccNet is broken up into the following three sections:

  • Injury Activity
  • Treatment Activity
  • Screening Activity

Is OccNet always available?

You bet. It's available 24/7.

Who else is providing this service to employers?

Just us.

Are all the records confidential?

Yes, definitely. Only authorized users can access employer specific data. To access OccNet you must be assigned a unique username and password.

Who can have access to OccNet?

Only authorized users have access to OccNet. This includes employers, case managers, and third party administrators. Access is granted with the permission of the employer and Genesis Occupational Health must be contacted to set up access.

How can I get started?

Pretty simple. Just give us a call at 563-421-0660 and we'll be happy to get you access.

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