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Published on May 08, 2019

Genesis Employees Impacted by Flooding

Lynnette Teel, system staff coordinator, Regional Referral Center

Lynnette TeelI live on Front Street in Buffalo, IA.  Unfortunately my home is right in the middle of the area that is currently flooded.  We have owned our home since 2006 and have fought back rising water many times. This time, we were on the losing side.  We've had a ring of sandbags (about 3,000 by our estimate) around our home for close to 70 days now.  During this last rise in water, sections of the wall failed on numerous occasions. The first three breeches, we were able to get help from family, friends and the fire department to fix the wall and stay dry. But in the early hours of May 2nd during a heavy rain storm, we had a catastrophic breech that we could not repair.  It flooded our basement, garage and part of our home. 

This picture is a snapshot taken from drone footage shot on May 1. We were frantically constructing a new wall inside of an existing (failing wall) the length of our property to save our home.  As fate would have it, this wall failed the following morning.  Every sandbag we used to build the wall that day had to be brought in by a flat bottom fishing boat. We believe God has carried us through this the entire way, and He will continue to provide.  As bad as it is, it could have been so much worse.

Desiree Johnson, insurance verification representative, Patient Access

Due to the amount of rains we have experienced, it caused the sump pump in my basement to fail and flooding of several inches. In our backyard, our retaining wall holding up our yard broke and fell into our neighbor’s garage. We are looking at hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, in damage that not all of our property insurance will cover.

Bethaney Conklin, VNA, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator

The Genesis VNA- Community Health team sent Bethaney Conklin, emergency preparedness coordinator to the Scott County Emergency Operations Center, after local officials requested her expertise for logistics and finance tracking, The Genesis team agreed it was the right thing for her assist at this level with her emergency preparedness expertise and 20-year military background.

“I am both humbled and honored to be able to contribute to the flood response,” Conklin says. “I am blessed to have the skills and expertise to represent Genesis in the light of such a large catastrophe. The emergency managers are beyond grateful for Genesis’ continued support.  It is a remarkable undertaking of coordination, teamwork, and sincere dedication to stay ahead of the impacts from the flooding.” 

Robbie Grage, RN, Davenport OB/GYN

My husband and I have been fighting back the floodwaters on Canal Shore Drive in LeClaire. We have maintained pumps 24/7. We have helped our neighbors with their pumps in an attempt to keep out the Mississippi River. We have approximately 700-1,000 sandbags to remove when all is said and done. This is just in front of our home. Our adult children and their spouses came to our rescue, building the sandbag wall, and our grandchildren helped fill sandbags in effort to help

Our neighbors have had walls breached multiple times and water in their home. The whole community has helped in efforts to keep sandbags full and sandbag walls up. My husband and others in our community have spent multiple days, walking a canoe with sandbags because there was no longer road access. Using hip boots and canoes, we were able to get supplies to the neighbors who needed them.

Everyone that could has filled sandbags and helped place them. We are blessed with a great community response. When the floodwaters go down, we will need help with a major clean-up of sandbags and debris the river has washed up.

Katie Roemer, GHS assistant compliance officer and Genesis ACO compliance officer

My husband's fine art gallery, Black Line Fine Art, is located inside Bucktown Center for the Arts. Not only have we not been able to get inside to assess any damages, but we cannot access any inventory to potentially sell elsewhere (The ARTery, eBay, social media,) Further, we don't know if the canvases have absorbed the odor of the Mississippi that has flooded Bucktown's basement. The months of May through July are the months where his income only comes from selling art.

Jennifer Eshelman, Moline HealthPlex

Jennifer EshelmanI have lived my whole life in a flood zone. I live out on Campbell's Island, and we are right across the river from Arconic. We live with the knowledge that every year we might flood, but we take our chances because we love where we live. Usually the flood comes in and it lasts for a couple of weeks and then goes away and we go about our lives as normal. This year has been completely different.

It has been over a month since I have been able to use the main road to get to my house. We have made a flood road that goes through a wooded area and comes out on our street. For the last week or so, we have not been able to use that road to get to our homes either. We have to park on the high side of the island and either boat to our vehicles or put waders on and walk through the water to them. At this moment, there is about 3 feet of water around my house. Our houses are raised and we do not have to worry about water getting in them. It has been a very trying time for everyone.

Claire Motto, Speech Pathologist, Genesis PT and Wellness

While my home was not directly impacted in the flooding, my fiance is one of the owners (along with his brother) of Roam, the restaurant downtown that was arguably hit the hardest. The last week has been devastating and stressful. My fiance and I will be okay, but this has left the restaurant’s employees out of a job and income.  Roam has started a GoFundMe page for their employees, and the link can be found on their Facebook page. This is a way Genesis/Genesis employees can directly impact those whose lives have been turned upside down due to the flooding. Unfortunately, the estimate is that Roam will be closed for three months (at least). This means their employees will be out of a position for that amount of time. 

MaryBeth Myers, Speech Pathologist, Pediatric Therapy

While we are fortunate to only have lost some replaceable things, others lost much more. I did use PTO last Monday to clean up flood water, run three pumps and drain our basement to save our furnace. My husband was much more involved with the clean-up, missing 4 days of work and pumping water out while I was at work. The water was standing many inches and a main drain was clogged. Two plumbers and the city came out to work on repairs. We are fortunate to have things working better now, but are stressed with more rain coming.  Our repairs and out-of-pocket costs were minimal compared to some, yet the burden of $1,000 or more and PTO for both of us was not what we had expected.  Thank you for setting up the flood relief fund. Our employees will benefit from the kind act. After we finish our own clean-up, we have committed to helping some of our favorite charities like River Music Experience with their clean-up efforts. It takes a village!

Debra Esterlein, phlebotomist, GMC-Silvis Lab

My family and I have been displaced due to the flood that occurred on Campbell's Island.  I live on the higher side and have never in my eight years of living there had to deal with flooding that close to my home. However, due the sandbags not holding I ended up having 9 inches of water in my home. We did not have flood insurance so things might get a little pricey for my family, but am due to being approved for help from the Leo A Bressanelli Employee Emergency Assistance fund. We were able to get help for a place to stay while we try to save our home.  I just want you to know how grateful my family and I are for the support that Genesis has shown in this time of need and that there is such a great program that helps employees when it is needed the most.

Monty K. Lyons, Behavioral Health Technician

I live, or did live, at on North Perry Street. That is one block west of where the Hesco barrier breached on Pershing and the Mississippi River spilled into downtown Davenport. For several days, I was sleeping at the Days Inn on Kimberly, living one day at a time dealing with realities as they arose. I have been grateful for my co-workers and peers for their compassion and advice and found a place to stay with Steve Cooley (3rd shift Nursing Supervisor).  My fellow employees truly demonstrate Genesis values, for which I am grateful.

Doug Woodford, Engineering & Maintenance

I actually live on the Rock River by the 92 bridge, which is more impacted by the Mississippi River flooding then the Rock River flooding. As usual when the spring comes, it brings floodwater. Living on the river, you expect it every year and you prepare ahead of time. This year, it was more excessive. The first time the river rose, I was able to take the necessary steps to prevent any loss but then the second rise on the river happened so quickly and was compounded by the fact I was battling a kidney stone at the time. Subsequently, I was not able to stay on top of the rising water and did suffer a loss but it was minimal in comparison to many other’s losses. As usual when the water stays for a while, it deposits a lot of mud when the waters recede. This flood is no different except it deposited in areas that are not normally affected.

I had a 2" gasoline-powered water pump wash all this mud away this year, and it was submerged in floodwaters and the suction hose washed away. Because of this, I will be forced to purchase a replacement. This year, my plastic toolboxes were washed off the bench and I lost most of those tools and one box. My experience in dealing with Mother Nature has been a learning experience for the 15 years I have lived on the river. Just when you think you got her all figured out, she comes along and surprises you once again. I'm sure I speak for all the people Genesis will help in this year’s flooding by saying “thank you.”

Chris Rasso, Registrar, Patient Access

I live on Campbell's Island in East Moline Illinois and been flooded out of my home since March 23rd. My husband is disabled so I had to take him somewhere safe. I recently went into the house and found we have had 6-8 inches of water in the entire lower half of the house. I will have to tear up all the floors down to sub-flooring and replace. I hate to even think about the work needing to be done and the cost involved. I just wanted to include my name as another Genesis employee affected by this historic flood and its duration.

Sarah Carter, Surgical Tech, Operating Room

The Operating Room team at Genesis Medical Center, Davenport took up a collection for Sarah Carter, a Surgical Tech, who was helping to sandbag near the Roam restaurant when the temporary flood barrier broke and sent floodwaters into downtown Davenport. Her car was totaled.